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Electronic Data Capture – Simple. Flexible. Proven.

secuTrial® is a professional, entirely browser-based GCP-compliant EDC system for collecting patient data in clinical or non-interventional studies and patient registries.

Since the year 2000, secuTrial® has been used in over 600 national and international studies and long-term projects conducted by university institutions, CROs, med-tech manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies – a clear testimony to its superior product quality, universal applications and high customer satisfaction.

Customer requests are turned into secuTrial® functions as part of a validated process. For urgent projects, this can be done within just a few weeks outside of the regular release plan.

Customer requests are turned into secuTrial® functions as part of a validated process. For urgent projects, this can be done within just a few weeks outside of the regular release plan.

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, secuTrial® makes it easy to set up clinical trials without any prior knowledge of programming. As an administrator or clinical investigator, all you need is a browser and Internet access.secuTrial® offers pseudonymised image management (e.g. DICOM format), uses standardised import and export interfaces (e.g. CDISC data models) and is fully FDA-compliant.

Key advantages of secuTrial®

  • Range of applications
  • Simple study setup
  • User-friendly operation
  • High quality standards
  • Customer-oriented service
  • Attractive price model
  • Solutions proven in practice
  • High investment security, future-proof solution
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News & Articles

Consolidating the source code of secuTrial®

For almost 20 years we have been developing and marketing secuTrial®. Working together with our clients, we have implemented countless suggestions and ideas into a range of practical functions. The result is an extremely powerful and extensive software suite for … Continue Reading

secuTrial® donates first prize for report on TMF tutorial

Dr. Esther Schmidt (DKFZ) was picked as the winner of the prize draw for her report on participating in a TMF tutorial on the subject of data protection. The report was published in the tutorial description in the ToolPool health research portal. The second and third prizes went to Matthias Löbe for his report on the use of the Continue Reading

secuTrial® supports Ärzte der Welt

Theoretically everyone in Germany should have health insurance. In reality, however, a remarkably large number of Germans do not have health insurance and for many this has been the case for years. The reasons for this situation are as diverse as people’s individual stories. According to official statistics, approximately Continue Reading

500th trainee for secuTrial®

September 2017 saw the 500th secuTrial® trainee complete their training at the Clinical Trials Center of the University Hospital Zurich. This was a very special milestone which we commemorated with a small gift. The training modules offered by the CTC focus on creating eCRFs, data entry and validation, Continue Reading

Quality-assured testing of secuTrial®

New functions are verified by independent testers within the framework of our qualified change management system. The system requirements are checked (quality test) according to a specification (detailed concept, test specification) and any errors or defects are identified at an early stage (maturity management). Continue Reading

Ultra-modern data centre for secuTrial®

Our hosting service provides a simple and convenient solution for conducting clinical trials and other projects. secuTrial® and our customers’ data are hosted at one of Europe’s most modern, powerful and energy-efficient data centres: the NBG6 of noris-network AG in Nürnberg. The … Continue Reading

EDC systems: what are the advantages of an eCRF?

Electronic data capture (EDC) systems are being increasingly used for data capture in clinical trials. Electronic data capture with eCRFs is progressively replacing paper-based data capture (pCRF). Using an EDC system has the following advantages: A clear overview of the data … Continue Reading

We support HIV study in Nigeria

The research unit “Clinical research in emerging countries” of the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts led by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fortwengel is conducting a study on HIV in Enugu in cooperation with the University of Nigeria. In the … Continue Reading

8th secuTrial® User Group Meeting 2015 in Berlin

Topics – Validation of studies – Practical example of use with tablet computers – secuTrial® release 4.8 and 4.9 The countless discussions and excellent atmosphere of previous years continued at this 8th user group meeting. The outstanding participation of our … Continue Reading

Challenge at the DVMD Conference 2015, Ulm

We were one of three manufacturers who once again participated in the EDC challenge of the the German association for Health Information Managers (DVMD). After a brief presentation of the company and the system, the challenge was to solve various … Continue Reading

Cookies for customers

Once again this year we were the conference partner of the German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (GMDS). We were on hand for two days in Göttingen to provide demonstrations of secuTrial® and to hand out our brochures … Continue Reading

secuTrial® for students

We are making secuTrial® and the operation of the system available to the Medical Information Management degree programme of Faculty III of the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Students in their third semester are learning how to work … Continue Reading

The secuTrial® app for patients

A facility allowing study-relevant data to be easily and conveniently entered by the patients themselves had been requested for some time by our customers. In cooperation with the Department of Medical Informatics of the University Medical Center Göttingen under the … Continue Reading

Annual Conference of GMDS in Lübeck

secuTrial® was once again represented at the GMDS conference. The 58th Annual Conference of the German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology was dedicated to the theme “Focus on life – Interdisciplinary research for the patient care of the … Continue Reading

Seven algorithms for randomization in secuTrial®

Randomization is commonly used in evidence-based clinical trials, in particular in order to statistically minimise individual influences on the outcome of the study. secuTrial® offers seven algorithms for randomization. Extended stratified block without list (secuTrial) Range minimization Variance minimization Static … Continue Reading

Double Data Entry in secuTrial®

When data is documented on paper for clinical studies, the double data entry process is often used to ensure reliability and exclude data entry errors. In response to numerous requests from our clients, secuTrial® will support the double data entry … Continue Reading