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secuTrial® donates first prize for report on TMF tutorial

Dr. Esther Schmidt (DKFZ) was picked as the winner of the prize draw for her report on participating in a TMF tutorial on the subject of data protection. The report was published in the tutorial description in the ToolPool health research portal. The second and third prizes went to Matthias Löbe for his report on the use of the ARX Data Anonymization Tool as part of his teaching work in Clinical Informatics at Leipzig University and Sandra Pasewald for her report on using MOSAIC products E-Pix, gICS and gPAS in the German National Cohort health study.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Röhrig (University of Oldenburg and member of the Board of Directors of TMF) and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sax (University Medical Center Göttingen and spokesman of the TMF working group for IT infrastructure and quality management) picked the winners during a workshop presenting the health research of ToolPool on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the GMDS (German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology in Oldenburg). They were assisted by the independent prize draw helper Anna Dirks (a student of the University of Oldenburg and a member of the GMDS 2017 conference team).

The portal offers support with planning and setting up complex IT infrastructures in medical research. The aim of the competition was to encourage interaction and the exchange of experiences between the users of various tools and services. As an incentive, an Apple iPad, a Garmin smart watch and a Samsonite laptop rucksack were offered as prizes. The first prize was provided by secuTrial®, the other two prizes were supplied by Kairos and Clinical Guideline Services, whose products are also listed on ToolPool.

The ToolPool health research portal provides information on topics such as research data management, data protection, registries and cohorts, and mobile IT tools for medical research. It also brings together IT tools and services developed within the TMF or by other academic institutions and commercial providers. The content of the portal is based on the IT report of the TMF, which has been published annually since 2013.

The products are selected based on a catalogue of criteria devised by the TMF working group for IT infrastructure and quality management. Furthermore, the working group is responsible for checking that everything is up to date and for the strategic further development of the portal. The portal was developed by the TMF with the involvement of the users and is operated by the TMF.

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