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Quality-assured testing of secuTrial®

New functions are verified by independent testers within the framework of our qualified change management system. The system requirements are checked (quality test) according to a specification (detailed concept, test specification) and any errors or defects are identified at an early stage (maturity management). All positive results produced during testing must be documented with a screenshot and a short description. Any errors must be logged in the bug tracking tool Mantis so they can be subsequently corrected and tested again.

The following test levels are mandatory parts of the tests conducted by the testers:

  1. Integration test on the build server as a preliminary test for early identification of errors and avoidance of unnecessary updates
  2. System test on a staging server
  3. Function test
  4. Data integrity tests
  5. Performance tests
  6. Re-test
  7. Data congruency
  8. Layout/design test/customer friendliness

The framework conditions and end results are documented, signed by the testers and sent to the product manager.

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