secuTrial® | Technology

Fully developed and proven in practice.

secuTrial® is a fully developed software solution which has been successfully in use for over 21 years. It has been continuously developed and refined in close cooperation with our customers and users.

secuTrial® is developed and tested for Windows, Linux and Mac. As it is platform independent, secuTrial® can be installed on Windows, Linux or Mac servers.

secuTrial® can be used with all standard browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Opera – both by administrators and clinical investigators. Javascript must be enabled in the browser for navigation.

A current TLS connection is used for encryption when transferring the data to the server via the Internet.

secuTrial® is programmed in Java and uses the fully developed Enterprise Framework WebObjects solution and Oracle 10, 11, 12 and 19 as a database.