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Ultra-modern data centre for secuTrial®

Rechenzentrum Vereinzelung

Our hosting service provides a simple and convenient solution for conducting clinical trials and other projects.

secuTrial® and our customers’ data are hosted at one of Europe’s most modern, powerful and energy-efficient data centres: the NBG6 of noris-network AG in Nürnberg.

Rechenzentrum Rechner

The data centre offers:

  • Multiple-redundant systems for secure operation
  • Maximum availability and energy efficiency
  • Maximum security through hermetic perimeter protection and multi-stage fire protection concept with early fire detection
  • Certified to ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000-1, eco Datacenter Star Audit
  • ISO 27001 certificate based on the “IT-Grundschutz” (IT baseline protection) of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security)


Rechenzentrum Aggregat

We monitor the continual quality of the data centre through regular audits.

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