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Consolidating the source code of secuTrial®

For almost 20 years we have been developing and marketing secuTrial®.

Working together with our clients, we have implemented countless suggestions and ideas into a range of practical functions. The result is an extremely powerful and extensive software suite for clinical trials.

We are now looking ahead at the next 20 years and the many challenges resulting from the progressive development of technology. To ensure that our continually evolving software will effectively work in the decades to come, we inevitably need to enter into new territory.

For several years now we have been discussing strategies for consolidating the source code of secuTrial®.

In consultation with our management team, we have therefore decided to focus on systematically carrying out this consolidation in the coming release year 2018/2019. The development of new functions and the implementation of client requests will be postponed until the following release year. As well as creating a solid basis for future developments, we hope that these changes will help to simplify and streamline your daily work.

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