secuTrial® | Updates

Continual development of secuTrial®.

secuTrial® is being continuously developed and refined in close coordination with our customers.

Overview of releases 2007 – 2021

Date Version New functions (selection)
May 2021 6.2 Differentiation of administrator rights, HTML-text in radiobutton labels, soft date checks, etc
January 2021 6.1 Rule queries
May 2020 6.0 Introduction of a modern responsive DataCapture (MDC) for data entry on mobile devices
May 2020 5.7 Editing and withdrawing comments, multiple preferred reports, etc
July 2019 – April 2020 5.6 Multilingualism of forms, hide/unhide forms in visits, password rules according to GDPR, automatic export transfer, 2-factor-authentication via SMS, extension of the set of rules
April 2019 5.5.1 Extension UE/ SUE workflow, highlighting of changed values in visit and UE/ SUE, extension DEC workflow “confirm changes”, scalable e-signature per form, display of forms from audit trail, extension messages, revision collection action per patient, selection import type via menu bar
October 2018 5.5.0 Advanced patient search in DataCapture, facilitation import format, facilitation participant management, SDV to DEC and query creation, display visit in patient menu bar, report Excel: Retention of data type, SQL reports: handling timestamp
July 2018 5.4.3 Centre visits for patients to several centres, sending visit reminder messages, consideration in the rules, optimisations for the treatment of extensive visit plans, memorising the position of the open form family, collapsing visit groups in form overview, unique identifier for unwanted events
July 2018 5.4.2 Extension of THS connection, patient search via IDat, notification for patient status, patient merge, revision of statistics
June 2018 5.4.0 Copy roles, fill out PDF forms, hide adverse events and rounds per patient, Data Validation Plan, formula editor for scores
March 2018 5.3.4 PDF attachment in news, DICOM Javascript upload, “AccountService” web service for access management
December 2017 5.3.1 Display of real names in the Mainzelliste
November 2017 Sorting options in repeating groups, easier navigation between pages for monitors, improvements in message sending
November 2017 Integration of a Visual Analog Scala, more design options in tables
October 2017 Workflow for correcting values after study completion
December 2016 5.1 Display of value curves per patient, display of previous values
Sepember 2016 5.0.3 Centre forms, use of metadata in rule conditions
July 2016 5.0.2 SOAP interface for exporting data, attaching forms as PDF to messages, various import filters
February 2016 5.0.1 Emergency Unblinding, Query Reminder Messages, Hiding Item Options, Rule to Create Adverse Events and subsequent editing
August 2015 4.9.1 Comparison between 2 project versions, tabular overview of assigned roles and rights
May 2015 4.9 Automatic password assignment for participants, tabulated repetition group, participant activity log
Nov 2014 4.8 PDF printing, automatic opening of forms, import function for lookup tables
Oct 2014 4.7.1 Automated exports, validation of setting to productive mode
May 2014 4.7 Labelling of missing values, more import options in DataCapture
Dec 2013 4.6 Conditional adoption of values and score calculations, new rule “Freeze single form if”
Sep 2013 4.5.1 Automated imports, facility to create patients in multiple centres
May 2013 4.5 Extensions for SQL queries, configurable messages, multiple casenode tabs
Jan 2013 4.4.1 Error report, mass actions for monitoring, item matrix
Oct 2012 4.4.0 Option to hide questions
Aug 2012 4.3 Export extensions, preselection of variables, export as square table
Apr 2012 4.2 8 new algorithms for randomization incl. stratification, blinding, list upload
Nov 2011 4.1.2 Introduction of treatment arms
Aug 2011 4.1 Centre-specific project versioning
Apr 2011 4.1 Extended import options
Optimised messaging functions
Jan 2011 4.0 Double Data Entry
Sept 2010 3.5 Customer-specific user interface
Extended plausibility rules
Apr 2010 3.4 Extended import options
Export function for STDM variables
Jan 2010 3.3 Immediate validation
Layout changes
Aug 2009 3.2 Patient reported outcome
Jul 2009 3.1 Database freezing
Archiving and deletion of projects
Management of DICOM files
Dec 2008 3.0 Management of images
Aug 2008 2.6 CDISC-ODM 1.3
Extended form components
Jun 2008 2.5 Generation of numerical statistics
Excel export function for reports
Apr 2008 2.4 Mass imports
Dec 2007 2.3 Import function for catalogues
SPSS exports
Jul 2007 2.2 Workflows for monitoring
Patient files
Mar 2007 2.1 Multiple customer management
CDISC export 1.2.1

Newly installed updates do not affect ongoing studies because new functions are not automatically integrated into existing study setups.