secuTrial® | IT-Services

Installation on request

From the initial set-up of your secuTrail® application to installing updates and upgrades, we will gladly handle these tasks for you and provide assistance.

Using qualified standard procedures, we can remotely install and configure secuTrial® and any additionally required components on your server. After completing the installation, we will thoroughly test the system with an advanced functional test.

Bespoke hosting

If you decide to license secuTrial® as an ASP solution, our hosting service offers you a secure and flexibly scalable solution that covers the operation and technical maintenance of your application. In addition to the appropriate software and hardware components, we ensure an efficient infrastructure, reliable system and application management, data security and data backups.

The main advantages of our Application Service Providing are no technological barriers when getting started, high flexibility, fast and reliable implementation of technological requirements and predictable operating costs.

Key features of our data centre

  • Certification to ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO-27001
  • Hosting in secure area with multi-level security with own cache
  • Physical access control and video surveillance
  • USV throughout the data centre
  • Two-stage firewall system
  • Backup system, deposited weekly in a safety deposit box at a bank
  • 24/7 operating hours
  • 99% availability
  • Permanent system monitoring (Nagios)
  • Continuous air conditioning
  • Intrusion/perimeter protection and security equipment
  • Prompt analysis of maintenance e-mails