secuTrial® | User Group Meeting

Continuous dialogue with our customers.

Regular user group meetings serve as a platform for users and developers to continuously develop and refine the functions offered by secuTrial® by consolidating customer requirements and feedback.

The user group meetings provide the foundation for planning a long-term product development concept and allow our customers to influence future developments. A transparent planning basis for future projects is the result for our customers and for us.

Exchanging experiences with other users is an important part of our user group meetings, with plenty of opportunities arising during discussions, over coffee or through expert presentations on different practical uses and application-related aspects of secuTrial®.

10th Anniversary: secuTrial® User Group Meeting 2017, Berlin

– Interfaces and security
– secuTrial® in operation in Nigeria
– secuTrial® and the German MS register

Celebrating a major milestone: 10th anniversary secuTrial® user group meeting with symposium and social evening

This year’s meeting was held in the trendy Berlin district of Friedrichshain at a quirky venue that used to be a sports hall. The weather was fantastic and so was the atmosphere.

10. secuTrial®-Jubiläumsanwendertreffen 10. secuTrial®-Jubiläumsanwendertreffen 10. secuTrial®-Jubiläumsanwendertreffen 10. secuTrial®-Anwendertreffen

A series of highly interesting presentations were enjoyed by the participants. The presentation on “secuTrial® in operation in Nigeria” by Prof. Fortwengel of Hanover was met with a high level of interest – especially by one of our user group members, who just happened to be from Nigeria.


Discrepancy Transfer Modul: Solutions for the MS Register
Alexander Stahmann, German MS Society
secuTrial® in operation in Nigeria
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fortwengel, Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Implementing add-ons (interfaces, tools) for secuTrial® at the Clinical Trial Centre Leipzig
Andre Rothe, Clinical Trial Centre Leipzig
Karolina Weiß, Clinical Trial Centre Leipzig
Requirements and implementation of a deviation workflow in secuTrial®
Dirk Smolinski, CTC UniversityHospital Zurich

Following the numerous requests for individual discussions, this year’s user group meeting was once again held over two days. Participation was confirmed with a certificate.

9th secuTrial® User Group Meeting 2016, Berlin

– Interfaces
– secuTrial® as a survey tool
– secuTrial® release 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2, 5.3

Lots of information and news, plenty of familiar faces and the chance to meet new user group members created a fantastic atmosphere, topped off with superb weather. Everyone agreed that this was one of the most enjoyable user group meetings to date at the Pfefferberg in Berlin. It was also one of the most successful, with over 50 participants travelling here to see presentations on current topics and to discuss secuTrial®.

9. secuTrial®–Anwendertreffen | Vortrag 9. secuTrial®–Anwendertreffen | Vortrag
9. secuTrial®–Anwendertreffen | Entwicklungschefin 9. secuTrial®–Anwendertreffen | Willkommen
9. secuTrial®–Anwendertreffen | Mittagspause 9. secuTrial®–Anwendertreffen | Team

As increasingly large data volumes are being transferred from external systems to secuTrial® and from secuTrial® to external systems, this year’s presentation series focused on the different interfaces of secuTrial®:

secuTrial® as a survey tool
Dirk Smolinski, Clinical, Center for Clinical Research, University Hospital Zurich
New import functions and exporting an eCRF to secuTrial®
Andre Genrich, GKM, Munich
Using the automatic report export and import
Gisela Antony, Competence Network on Parkinson’s disease, Universität Marburg
secuTrial® at the Clinical Trial Centre Leipzig
Andre Rothe, Clinical Trial Centre Leipzig

Due to numerous requests for one-to-one discussions, the user group meeting was once again held over the course of two days. Individual participation was confirmed with a certificate.

8th secuTrial® User Group Meeting 2015 in Berlin

– Validation of studies
– Practical example of use with tablet computers
– secuTrial® release 4.8 and 4.9

The countless discussions and excellent atmosphere of previous years continued at this 8th user group meeting. The outstanding participation of our clients from the pharmaceutical, academic and medical technology industries helps us to develop a future-proof product that is geared towards the needs of practice.
Due the numerous requests for individual discussions, the user group meeting was held over two days.

Vortrag Stimmung in der Pause

Participation in our symposium was confirmed with a certificate. The following presentations were held:

GAMP 5 – Supplier evaluation: How can secuTrial® help?
Dr. Ulrike Jonas, secuTrial®
Standards for the validation of studies and updates
Dirk Smolinski, CTC ZKF Universitätsspital und Universität Zürich
Birgitt Wiese, Biometrie Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Dr. Corinna Engel, Center for Pediatric Clinical Studies (CPCS)
Linda Gusky, CIOffice Forschungsnetze, Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

Patient self-documentation within the framework of a study with secuTrial and tablet computers
Lorenzo Hess, Appletree Biostatistics AG/Appletree CI Group AG, Winterthur

New requirements and requests were then subsequently discussed. After reaching a general consensus, the future functions of secuTrial® were agreed.

7th secuTrial® User Group Meeting 2014, Berlin

– Validation policy of iAS
– secuTrial apps
– secuTrial® release 4.7

Our 7th user group meeting was once again held in Prenzlauer Berg, one of Berlin’s most popular tourism centres. However, this time it rained a little …
In spite of this, there was a very positive atmosphere among the participants, who had travelled from all over Switzerland, Austria and Germany to meet each other, listen to presentations and to discuss current issues.

Fachvortrag Vorstellung neue Version Pause Ein Teil des Teams

At this year’s secuTrial® user group meeting the following presentations were held:

Automated query management
Birgit Wiese, Hannover Medical School
Concepts, solutions and components in the area of ID and test subject management
Edda Sauer, Kompetenznetz Parkinson, Marburg
Entering study data via an app and transferral to secuTrial®
Karoline Buckow, UMG, Göttingen

Afterwards, secuTrial® release 4.7 was presented and new requirements were discussed. After reaching a general consensus, the future functions of secuTrial® were agreed.

6th secuTrial® User Group Meeting 2013, Berlin

– Safety management requirements
– secuTrial® release 4.5

Over the years the user group meeting has grown into a small symposium. At our user group meetings expert presentations are given on a current topic and discussed. Our users from universities and the pharmaceutical sector have an opportunity to meet with each other and form a continually growing network.

Vorträge Kaffeepause Campus in Berlin Prenzlauer berg Kaffeepause

At this year’s secuTrial® user group meeting the following presentations were held:

Safety management requirements 1
Melanie Kirchner, Univ.-Klinikum Erlangen
Safety management requirements 2
Rita Ploger, KKS-Charitè Berlin
Anonymised data entry with retrospective NIS
Lenka Kellermann, OIS Freiburg

Afterwards, secuTrial® release 4.5 was presented and new requests were discussed. After reaching a general consensus, the future functions of secuTrial® were agreed.

5th secuTrial® User Group Meeting 2012, Berlin

– Quality management
– Randomization algorithms
– secuTrial® release 4.3

Once again we invited clients to Berlin and were delighted at the huge response from our users! Summer temperatures and a convivial atmosphere made our convention in Prenzlauer Berg all the more enjoyable. Our programme was interesting for all those who attended.

Nadine Tischendorf, Thomas Fritsche Vorträge Kaffepause Diskussion

At this year’s secuTrial® user group meeting the following presentations were held:

Randomization algorithms
Dirk Klingbiehl, SAKK Bern
Validation of secuTrial® – What do users need to consider?
Dr. Uwe Haag, HaaPACS GmbH, Schriesheim
Validated conversion of the MedDRA catalogue into a secuTrial® catalogue
Jan Clausen, proDERM GmbH, Hamburg

This was the first time that customer requests received over the course of the year were put together in a list and presented to everyone in advance. This simplified discussions and agreements regarding new functions.

4th secuTrial® User Group Meeting 2011, Erlangen

– Possibilities for web browser extensions
–  secuTrial® release 4.0

Arbeitspause Schnittchen Susanne Schneider, Nadine Tischendorf Nach dem Treffen

The fourth  secuTrial® Client Convention met with a high level of response. Numerous familiar and new faces joined us in Erlangen and together we discussed the 2011 release plan and future developments of secuTrial®.

As with previous Client Conventions, there was plenty of scope for exchanging experiences with other users and our team. The presentation from the practice world provided by Universitätsklinikum Erlangen highlighted the various possibilities for web browser extensions.


3rd secuTrial® User Group Meeting 2010, Berlin

– Positive experiences with patient self-documentation
– secuTrial®  release 3.4

The user group meeting in Berlin in April 2010 continued with the successful tradition of facilitating a direct exchange of information and plans between the participants. In addition, the new functions of release 3.4 were presented in detail. The functions of the next release were also discussed and agreed.

The positive response to the presentation regarding the newly developed patient self-documentation function once again showed the acceptance of secuTrial® among a heterogeneous target group.

2nd secuTrial® User Group Meeting 2009, Hannover

– Use in conjunction with biomaterial databases
– secuTrial® release 3.0

2. Anwendertreffen 2. Anwendertreffen

At the user group meeting in Hanover in March 2009 the new functions of release 3.0 were presented in detail. The functions of the next release were also discussed and agreed.

Ample opportunity was also created for the participants to exchange experiences regarding different ways of using secuTrial® for managing biomaterial data (CIOffice Research Network Göttingen).

1st secuTrial® User Group Meeting 2008, Göttingen

– Project evaluation options
– secuTrial® release 2.6

1. Anwendertreffen 1. Anwendertreffen

The user group meeting in Göttingen in March 2008 focussed on the current release plan and concepts for the management of images using secuTrial®. Presentations on the subject of project evaluations led to a lively exchange of experiences between the participants.