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Seven algorithms for randomization in secuTrial®

Randomization is commonly used in evidence-based clinical trials, in particular in order to statistically minimise individual influences on the outcome of the study.

secuTrial® offers seven algorithms for randomization.

  1. Extended stratified block without list (secuTrial)
  2. Range minimization
  3. Variance minimization
  4. Static unstratified single block randomization
  5. Static unstratified multi block randomization
  6. Static stratified block randomization
  7. Simple randomization

These algorithms work with multiple randomization groups (= treatment arms).

The randomization can be unblinded, single-blind, double-blind or triple-blind. During randomization various stratification factors can be taken into account based on patient characteristics, either within a centre or a project.

7 Algorithmen

The randomization can be done also with an external software, the so created lists can then be uploaded in secuTrial®.

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